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About us

AMAZING ALPACAS was established by Peter & Glenda Stoneman, shortly after we acquired Little Goytre Cottage and its pastures in 2003. Our farm sits on the ridge of the picturesque Usk and Wye valleys in South East Wales and is designated as a Local Wildlife Site by Gwent Wildlife Trust

Access is straightforward, as we are adjacent to the B4235. (You can find full contact details and a map on our contact page.)

We have a lovely herd of quality female alpacas together with a number of stud males, all of which are registered with the British Alpaca Society (BAS). Our alpacas are under the expert care of Farm First Vets, who have worked with us to develop our herd health plan. Our alpacas are microchipped for identification and security. After mating, females are ultrasound scanned to confirm pregnancy.

We developed our herd using quality bloodlines from across the UK and today's herd has a diverse genetic footprint. We now use our own studs to produce some stunning youngsters (cria). As a result, we have a really nice herd of quality alpacas.

In 2020 we established a network of local breeders under the name of Alpacas in Wales, where we have a combined herd of over 250 animals. We have all the colours across a range of ages, gender and budget and, with over 100 cria due next year, there's always a fantastic selection to choose from.


Resting criaAimee as a cria